Reliable and Improved nickel-cadmium batteries

MarathonNorco’s Micro Maintenance (M3) Batteries are improved nickel-cadmium batteries that supply reliable power for helicopters along with large commercial, regional, military, and corporate aircraft. M3 Batteries are offered in sizes from 17 to 75 ampere-hours, and in most cases, they’re interchangeable with existing batteries. Therefore, you can easily make the change without aircraft modification and can support the product with your existing battery shop equipment. They’re also FAA-PMA approved for many aircraft models.

The M3 Battery utilizes the latest Polymer Bonded Electrode (PBE) negative electrode technology to ensure optimized performance and dependability. Today’s PBE technology was pioneered by MarathonNorco decades ago. Now, we’ve refined this unique technology to give you greatly reduced maintenance costs. Compared with standard nickel cadmium batteries, this technology provides reduced water consumption, faster recharge, and greater density. This translates into longer flight hours between servicing, increased capacity retention, and fast, cooler engine starts.