Tensol Locks

A positive locking, quick release pin, usable, not only for SHEAR applications, but for TENSION loaded structures as well! The NORCO Tensol Lock has shear strength equal to ball type quick release pins as called out in Miliatry Specifications MS17984 and NAS1332. The NORCO Tensol Lock has reusable Tension strength greater than the ultimate failure strengths of ball locking types thus preventing possible FOD occurrences.







  • Tensol Locks are safe – positive locking and quick releasing by the push of the plunger button.
  • Tensol Locks are available for applications with special requirements such as adjustable grip, drive shafts and unusual vibration conditions.
  • Ideal for seat attachments, cargo tiedowns, safety locks, material lifting and handling or other TENSION applications. Tensol Locks are available to meet special design requirements.
  • NORCO Tensol locks are available in four stock handle styles – Button, “T” Handle, “L” Handle, and Shackle and in 10 diameters between ¼” and 1”; and grip lengths in 10ths of an inch.
  • Standard material: CAD Plated steel or passivated CRES.
  • Other sizes and configurations are available upon request.