Over 65 Years of Custom Design and Testing Expertise

Our engineers can design nearly limitless design configurations  accommodating materials of any type, including stainless steels and alloys, plastics, fiberglass, polyester, and other sophisticated compounds.

MarathonNorco Aerospace has been providing custom mechanical solutions for the Aerospace Industry for over 65 years.  These mechanical solutions have consisted of ball reversers, hold open rods, remote release systems, latches, tensol locks, receivers & interlocks among many other unique solutions.  MNAI continue to look for new challenges that our years of engineering experience can be applied to new innovative products.  Our team is capable of leading efficient and effective product development efforts consist of developing design solutions as well as providing in-house qualification testing of those solutions.  This ability allows our engineers to learn and adapt designs quickly to ensure the end product is a robust solution that we can be proud to put our name on.  The MarathonNorco design team is experienced in providing products that are designed to withstand fluid susceptibility, sand & dust, salt spray, vibration, fatigue, endurance, acceleration, fan blade out, operational shock, temperature, humidity, fungus resistance, bench handling, container shock, and static load testing among other customer test requirements.


We specialized in creating low risk designs. 

At MarathonNorco we are equipped with an extensive in-house test lab to validate designs early in the development process.  Our current test capabilities consist of the following equipment:

  • 2 Vibration Test Stands
  • 3 Environmental Chambers
  • 2 Endurance Cycle Test Stands
  • 1 Fatigue Test Stand
  • 2 Load Test Stands