Receivers & Interlocks

MarathonNorco’s Interlocks simple construction allows for design flexibility with no loose parts and designed to provide quick connect and disconnect capabilities. The devices feature automatic lock-up, are impervious to vibration and can withstand high sheer and tension loads. Actuation may be manual, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric.

Interlocks are primarily utilized by ground support personal during maintenance.  Interlocks can be clipped into receivers mounted to the wing or fuselage to provide fall arrest.  Interlocks and receivers can also be used as part of a tie-down or anchorage system for equipment and rotary aircraft.


  • Automatic Positive Locking
  • No Release Under Load
  • Impervious To Vibration
  • Suitable for any Size, Load or Shape for Locking Purposes
  • Multiple Actuation Options
  • Superior Strength
  • Simple Construction
  • Easy Operation
  • Currently capable of withstanding a 5000 lb ultimate tension load
  • Receivers capable of withstanding on-wing conditions
  • Certain products are CE rated to meet requirements of the European market