Rechargeable vented nickel-cadmium batteries

MarathonNorco Aerospace pioneered the development of sintered plates. The company was the first to use Bunsen vent valves on nickel-cadmium cells, and the first to manufacture hermetically-sealed nickel-cadmium cells.   Sintered plated feature improved woven-wire substrate. They’re stronger, blemish-free, and offer lower resistance. Exclusive high heat resistant polypropylene separator material provides longer life and better high-rate performance at extreme temperatures. Heavy-gauge connectors, large terminals, and heavy-duty screws give superior conductivity.

The rechargeable vented nickel-cadmium batteries are widely used for engine starting and emergency power in commercial, corporate, and military aircraft – fixed wing and rotary. They also supply power for military weapons, ground vehicles, medical and telecommunications equipment.  The rechargeable vented nickel-cadmium batteries supply reliable power for everything from emergency lighting in commercial airliners, military communications, and military aircraft flight control systems to backup power on F-16 fighter jets.