Ball Reversers

Marathon Norco’s  Ball Reversers are a unique, affordable linear actuator that provides automatic reciprocating action.  Designed to be more wear resistant and meet high load capacity requirements, the Ball Reverser has a wide range of applications throughout many industries. There are five standard sizes each offering two screw materials: alloy steel case hardened to 56-60 Rc and stainless steel hardened to 40-45.  Ball Reversers last longer with proper maintenance i.e., proper lubrication and alignment, no shock loading or other abnormal conditions. Regular replacement of balls, springs and sleeve will extend the functional life of the screw and nut assembly. The cage and sleeve are a hardened (55-60 Rc) bearing steel. They are plated for a corrosive resistant finish.

A key element in the Ball Reverser’s function is the reversing sequence. In Figure 1, the two slot balls move relative to the fixed ball as they follow the turnaround curve. The standard curve is designed for the optimum deceleration and acceleration of the mass for each size Ball Reverser.  Figure 2 shows turnaround curves for special applications. Standard strokes range from 0.44″ – 148.0″; longer strokes available upon request.


Figure 1


Figure 2