TCA-52 53Ah Marathon Battery

The TCA-52 (P/N 31433-001) is an 11 cell Nickel-Cadmium battery, with a nominal voltage of 14V, and a nominal capacity of 53 Ah, at a weight of only 63 lbs. Two of the 14-volt batteries in series provide 28 volt power for the aircraft’s DC buss. The TCA-52 provides significant Maintenance-cost savings for Boeing applications.  The Marathon TCA-52 battery is a greatly improved nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery that features:

  • Significantly Increased Maintenance Intervals
  • Very Low Water Consumption
  • Large Electrolyte Reserve
  • Excellent Capacity Retention During Extended Cycling
  • Celgard© Gas Barrier System replacing OEM Cellophane Gas Barrier has eliminated Thermal Runaway


  • Boeing approved the TCA-52 (P/N 31433-001) for all DC-10, KC-10, MD-10, and MD-11 series aircraft and the battery is interchangeable with the existing OEM battery without any modification to the aircraft.
  • The Marathon battery is FAA-PMA approved for DC-10, MD-10, and MD-11 series aircraft.
  • The TCA-52 is a replacement for the OEM battery P/N 43B050LB01.

Length: 11.58”
Width: 7.68”
Height: 10.19”
Weight: 63 lbs

Voltage: 14.0 volts (nominal)
Capacity: 53Ah minimum
Imp : 1000A @ 15 seconds (maximum power)