K Series MagAmp Power Supplies

This family of six high-current models of DC power supplies are the most economical load and line regulated 3-phase units, and are designed for long-life and extreme reliability and dependability. With output current ranges from 100 to 1,200, their robust circuitry and rugged design easily handles intermittent overload conditions of up to 500% of their continuous current rating.

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  • DC Voltage Range: Continuous adjustment over the entire range by means of a single knob.
  • Series or Parallel Operation: Units may be operated in series. They may also be operated in parallel if the Current Limiting option under Option Features is included.
  • Remote Sensing: Provision for selecting “local” sensing at the power supply terminals, or “remote” sensing at the load terminals.
  • Regulation & Rectification: All solid state design including magnetic amplifier and hermetically sealed silicon diodes. Peak voltages and currents during operation and switching held well within rated values.
  • Intermittent Ratings (% of current rating): 125% for 5 minutes every 20 minutes; 250% for 5 seconds every 20 seconds;350% for 1 second; 500% peak.
  • On-Off Controls: By AC magnetic contactor; 3-wire start-stop push-button switch on front panel.
  • Circuit Isolation: Output circuit is completely isolated from the input; either positive or negative DC bus can be grounded.
  • Protection: Fan failure as well as thermal overload protection (automatic reset type) for sustained overloads.
  • Ambient Temperature: Continuous operation from 0° to +55°C. Power supplies can be operated below 0° to -55°C with decreased performance. Storage temperature range is -62° to +70°C.

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