M3X-33-4 33Ah MicroMaintenance Battery

The model M3 X-33-4 (P/N 33181-004) is a 20-cell Micro-Maintenance battery, with a nominal voltage of 24V, and a nominal capacity of 33 Ah, at a weight of only 60 lbs. (max). The M3 X-33-4 will provide an Imp (15-second discharge @ maximum power transfer) of 1400 amps at room temperature.


The M3X-33-4 is designed as a Type Certificate replacement for the M3X-33-1 (P/N 33181-001) battery.

The M3X-33-4 is approved for Augusta Westland applications.

Length: 9.88” max
Width: 9.63” max
Height: 7.61” max
Weight: 60 lbs
Connector: MS3509

Voltage: 24.0 volts (nominal)
Capacity: 33Ah minimum
Imp : 1400A @ 15 seconds
(Discharge current at maximum power transfer)