CTC-500 Aircraft Battery Trickle Charger

The Christie Trickle Charger (CTC)-500 is specifically designed to trickle charge vented Nickel Cadmium and Sealed Lead Acid aircraft batteries. In Constant Current Mode the charger can be configured to the Nickel Cadmium battery manufacturer’s recommended trickle charge rates or switched over to Constant Potential Mode for a Lead Acid battery. A regulated current and undervoltage set-point allows full battery capacity to be maintained while the battery is on the shelf. The CTC-500 has a European line voltage selector switch, which allows the charger to plug into 115VAC or 230VAC input power. This trickle charger is capable of handling the entire range of both Marathon’s Standard Super Power and new Micro Maintenance battery products. The CTC-500 is available through a Christie Authorized Distributor. Complete with a user manual, the CTC-500 begins trickle charging the battery when connected to an AC power outlet. The manual addresses the set-up procedure for different Amp Hour batteries. This procedure can be performed at MarathonNorco Aerospace when ordered.

Christie Trickle chargers can be used to extend the active (charged) storage life of a Nickel Cadmium battery from 90 days to as much as one year. This saves operators money on batteries that time out and have to be serviced prior to being installed on the aircraft. The trickle charger provides a low, precise constant current charge that overcomes the battery’s natural rate of self-discharge. Batteries connected to a Christie Trickle charger can be removed from storage and placed directly into service without any additional charging making it a valuable tool for operators managing their spares pool


The locking hand-wheel connector design allows for quick connections without risk of reverse polarity or accidental disconnects through the Elcon type connector. The design also allows a flush-mount to the battery that minimizes restriction of shelf space and still provides accesses to the
nameplate data on the battery itself.  The “GO” (green LED), “NO GO” (red LED) operation allows for quick visual reference of battery health, and the Constant Potential (CP) MODE (blue LED) allows for easy visual reference on what charging mode the unit is set to. Blue LED off means Constant Current Mode.  MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc. has fully tested the CTC-500 on its line of batteries and has approved the use of this charger for the purpose of maintaining Marathon batteries in a stand-by condition for up to 1 year.

CTC-500: 115VAC +/- 10% 60Hz @ 0.2AMPS
Input Internally fused @ 0.75 AMPS
CTC-500: 230VAC +/- 10% 50Hz @ 0.1AMPS
Input Internally fused @ 0.5 AMPS

The input receptacle on the trickle charger is an IEC 320-type eceptacle, with a combination power inlet/outlet. This feature allows up to 10 units to be daisy-chained together with only one unit plugged into AC power. The product also comes complete with a right angle 125VAC/10Amp power
cord for use within cramped storage shelving.

CTC-500 is capable of supplying up to 36Vdc and 500mA in many combinations for different battery types. Each unique battery type is given a specific under-voltage and current setting (set-up during calibration), which configures the charger to that type until re-calibrated.

Output Internally fused @ 2.5 AMPS

Length 5.3 in. 134.6 mm
Width 5.5 in. 139.7 mm
Height 8.5 in. 215.9 mm
Weight 3.0 lbs. 1.36 kg

ELCON-type connector (MS-3108)