Marathon Norco's Christie™ Chargers are the Industry Standard for Aerospace & Defense

Explore our best-in-class charging and power management technology

Our Christie™ product line covers the spectrum from power supplies, battery chargers/analyzers to highly sophisticated battery management systems.

Our CASP™ family of products comprises the most sophisticated and versatile battery support instruments available for reconditioning, analyzing, charging and maintaining rechargeable batteries at the peak of their performance.  MarathonNorco Aerospace manufactures a broad range of power products for requirements in military, aviation, medical, industrial or commercial applications

Our Christie™ Trickle chargers can be used to extend the active (charged) storage life of a Nickel Cadmium battery from 90 days to as much as one year. This saves operators money on batteries that time out and have to be serviced prior to being installed on the aircraft. The trickle charger provides a low, precise constant current charge that overcomes the battery’s natural rate of self-discharge. Batteries connected to a Christie Trickle charger can be removed from storage and placed directly into service without any additional charging making it a valuable tool for operators managing their spares pool.